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About Me

Date of birth
02 jun 2016
Land of birth
IE Ireland
Land of standing
VC 90
Racing Name
Coolronan Blue
Ear mark
Family tree & race history

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male, 4 years old, Blue

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Monday 30 Nov

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 05 Nov 20:34

Ronnie, what a gentleman! Looking after your damsel in distress. So sorry to hear your little girl isn't having a great time with the fireworks. :( Xxx

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by bethydee

Thursday 05 Nov 19:35

Ronnie has settled in so well. Very inquisitive dog and fun loving. He is obsessed with toys, he loves rolling around with teddies and squeaking balls. He’s got on so well with out female grey, even came over and leaned against her when she was shaking cause of the fireworks. He’s a big boy with lots of love to give ??

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by shanishoo

Saturday 31 Oct 15:33

Well done Ronnie xxxxx

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by helenanddave

Wednesday 28 Oct 18:06

A bit strong on the lead but a very handsome boy and such a lovely colour. Xx

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 27 Oct 22:11

Ronnie is stunning! He was quite vocal on his arrival, just telling everyone he was here! Xxx

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by shanishoo

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:08

Oh my goodness I'm in love!!!!! Xxxx

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