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23 oct 2017
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IE Ireland
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Gunboat Iceman
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male, 5 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Thursday 13 Jan

Pops has had 0 cuddles today (3 all together).
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by GigisDad

Saturday 25 Dec 14:02

Merry Christmas from Pops and I. We are having a lovely time here, he has settled in really well and loves being allowed on the sofa and the bed and exploring the garden. He has had some lovely tasty presents from his new owners which he is enjoying very much. Corinne took him out with Ozzie the cocker spaniel yesterday and they are getting on well. I'm so grateful to you all for letting me look after him. He is a beautiful, gentle boy.

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by shanishoo

Thursday 23 Dec 16:37

Well done pops, so happy for you xxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 20 Nov 21:53

We are very grateful to Jackie and her family to take the time and give Pops a break from the kennels this afternoon. He was very excited to go to the park! A new experience for him. :)) Xxx

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by katarinajanackovic

Saturday 20 Nov 20:27

Enjoyed spending some time with Pops today at Breughton Park. He travelled very well and settled in the car without any issues. He was really eager to explore and was sniffing at every chance he got. Pops got a little anxious around smaller dogs (especially those not on a lead) but showed no signs of aggression and just needed a bit of reassurance. I think he would benefit from more socialising with other breeds. He is quite strong on his lead at first but as the walk progressed he became less and less pulley. He wasn’t phased by bikes or children and seemed a lot more comfortable with us by the end of the walk. He’s got a very lovely face and a happy character and would be a great companion. We look forward to taking him out again in the future.
Jackie, Ned, Liljana, Katarina xx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 11 Nov 23:39

Pops became a donor for the Pet Blood Bank today. :) Well done! He has his donor pack ready to take to his new home with him. Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 08 Nov 22:40

Pops is settling g really well now and much happier. He really is a super little lad with lots of love to give. Xxx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 07 Nov 08:08

Pops looks such a cheeky chappy, love his name xxxxxxx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 06 Nov 23:41

I met Pops today. He is lovely and like Jim is small for a boy. He is a little stressed at the moment but hopefully he will soon settle and can look forward to finding his forever home. Xxx

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by Alan&Paddy

Saturday 06 Nov 19:58

I said hello to Pops today, he is as lovely as his photo. I hope his forever sofa comes quickly, he's sure to make a wonderful loving pet for some lucky family xx

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by jetlucy

Friday 05 Nov 20:47

Oh pops you look absolutely gorgeous and so handsome. Hope your stay will be a short one xxx

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