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22 sep 2016
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female, 6 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Monday 24 Jan

Cassie has had 0 cuddles today (3 all together).
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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 26 Jan 22:11

Wishing Cassie a very happy new life! We are so grateful to Cath and her family for fostering Cassie and helping her to find her forever home. Xxx Sending Cassie my cuddle tonight. Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 16 Jan 22:00

Fabulous news for Cassie! Xxx

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by shanishoo

Sunday 16 Jan 18:25

Well done sweetheart xxx

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by DaybreaksRuth

Sunday 16 Jan 17:14

So pleased for Cassie that she has been reserved finally. Cath who has been fostering her knows her new family and they have been for walks together - so pleased for her x

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by Jess&Tilly

Saturday 08 Jan 19:42

Cassie is a dinky dot! X

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 04 Jan 14:34

Cassie is back at Daybreaks after having a lovely break for Christmas with her foster family. She joined in all of the festivities! Xx

Cassie generally walks well on the lead but can be quite strong when she gets excited or visits somewhere new. She is OK with larger dogs but finds smaller dogs quite a distraction. She has calmed down a lot and they feel with training this would improve greatly.

She has been great with the family's children and all those she has met over the holiday period. :) She is very placid with them.

She does enjoy her food and eats well. :)

She got on well with the other Greyhound in the family. Although they both sometimes wanted the same bed! She was also a little bossy occasionally but not aggressive...a typical girl Greyhound!!

She slept downstairs with the other Greyhound. She was a little unsure for the first few nights but soon settled down. She didn't attempt to go up the stairs.

She has a couple of wee accidents to begin with but once a routine was established all was fine.

She and the other Greyhound were left on their own on several occasions with no issues. :)

She loves going out in the car but at present still needs help getting in and out of the car. Sure she would soon get used to it.

We are very grateful to Cassie's foster family for giving her a great Christmas holiday. They say she is a lovely girl, eager to learn and desperate to please. She knows her name, has excellent recall and responds to the touch command. :) They think she will make a wonderful pet.


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by helenanddave

Friday 17 Dec 16:09

Hello beautiful girl. You look a tiny bit worried but you are in a great place now and hopefully will soon have your very own sofa. Xx

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by loveheart

Friday 17 Dec 11:02

Wow! Simon's legacy continues to rise and although there is a long long way to go even a small amount monthly will help. There have been such sad losses this year but I looked at Cassies arrival photo this morning and saw the fear and hope in her in her eyes and believe that out of the sadness can come love and safety forever for these wonderful hounds once the total is reached. I wrote a poem a long time ago about Greys that ends "Maybe one day I will find a nice bed where I can stretch out my paws and lay down my head" Daybreaks is where that journey starts. We can make it happen however long it takes. xx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 16 Dec 22:28

Cassie is gorgeous, thanks to Lucy for the lovely photos. Cassie has great ears! She is a petite girl...she will have no trouble fitting onto someone's sofa! :)) Xxx

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by Shanesmum

Thursday 16 Dec 16:15

Welcome pretty Cassie - look forward to meeting you tomorrow. x

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