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About Me

Racing Name
Slaheny River
Date of birth
18 nov 2020
Ear mark
VL URM Vet Code: 407


female, 4 years old, Brindle

Added by Shanesmum

Updated: Saturday 23 Mar

River's Trainer says she is a very loving girl who can be very bouncy! She loves people and is good with children.

River has had 0 cuddles today (9 all together).
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by LadyVictoria

Sunday 17 Mar 22:35

What wonderful news for happy, pretty River! Xxx

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by RobT

Tuesday 12 Mar 14:59

River was good and beautiful as always today. Having a cream cake so politely and calmly. She very much enjoyed it?

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by RobT

Sunday 03 Mar 19:16

River has had my cuddle tonight. She is such a cute wonderful girl. Didn't Angie long to fall in love with her but her and Nigel's choices were the best for all, but it's never going to be over for Roxy until she has a friend, and she will...

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by AngieandNigel

Sunday 03 Mar 18:17

I can’t believe this absolutely gorgeous girl has not yet gone. We were going to adopt her and less than 6 days before we were collecting her, our lives took a different turn and we couldn’t manage a second grey-it wouldn’t have been fair on River or Roxy. River is absolutely perfect and whoever adopts her will be so lucky. It literally breaks my heart seeing that she’s still not been snapped up. Please go and have a look at her, you won’t be disappointed.

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by Shanesmum

Saturday 02 Mar 12:02

We need to get a hard hat for this beautiful young lady!! When breakfast is on its way from the kitchen, she bounces sooo high I am worried she is going to bang her head on the roof of the run!!!!

Such a gorgeous girlie who loves a fuss. x

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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 28 Feb 20:05

I really can't believe lovely River is still waiting for her forever home. She is a fabulous, happy, bouncy girl. Very friendly, loves lots of cuddles. And beautiful too! What more could you ask for. :)) Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 13 Feb 22:55

A big cuddle for River tonight. :)) Thanks so much to Norman for taking her for a visit to the park today. Xxx
This afternoon we needed to take her out of her kennel for some work to be done on the wiring. River was having a well earned snooze and didn't want to move...instead she rolled on to her back, legs in the air and waited for a tummy rub! Several tummy rubs later, she decidied to come out for a treat! :))
She is a very happy young lady who will make a lovely friend and companion. Xxx

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by Stormin

Tuesday 13 Feb 13:20

Rivers trainer has told us that she is a very loving girl who can be bouncy and loves people. Having taken her to Elmdon Park today I can confirm those comments are 100% spot on.
She travelled quietly in the car and when first meeting small dogs did get quite bouncy. However the more time we spent walking she became accustomed to other breeds and at the end of the walk was snuggling up to two Golden Retrievers.
Perhaps some caution may still be needed at first with very small dogs but I'm sure in time she will become used to them also.
Although enthuastic on the lead she doesn't pull excessively.
She absolutely loves affection and hopefully that loving home will soon arrive for this very attractive brindle girl

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 29 Jan 16:30

Sadly River is no longer reserved. She is a lovely girl, so I'm sure it wont be long before she finds her forever home. Xxx

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by shanishoo

Thursday 25 Jan 17:23

Fabulous news, what a dreamboat xx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 22 Jan 22:12

River is reserved! Fantastic. Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 18 Jan 21:53

Another beautiful new arrival today! River is a very happy and friendly young lady. :)) Xxx

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