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Date of birth
26 oct 2020
Racing Name
Mustang Natalie
Ear mark

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female, 4 years old, Black

Added by LadyVictoria

Updated: Saturday 02 Mar

Nat's trainer says she is a very friendly girl who is good with adults, children and other dogs.

Nat has had 0 cuddles today (5 all together).
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by jetlucy

Tuesday 20 Feb 20:22

Hehe no worries RobT.
I was just saying, hum...think someone is going to be a little bit spoilt! Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Monday 19 Feb 21:20

Wishing Nat a very happy new life! Xxx

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by RobT

Monday 19 Feb 21:07

JetLucy - apologies. I accidentally deleted your comment when trying to approve it. The system won't let me reinstate it... so sorry!

Nat's rehoming photo is beautiful.

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by Moo&Mozzy!

Monday 19 Feb 17:56

Many happy days ahead to you both xx

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by DaybreaksRuth

Wednesday 14 Feb 09:53

Yesterday I took Nat out on trial to a new home.... she has got a fabulous garden to run about in and undivided attention.
One of the requests was 'will she go on the sofa'? She must have heard and jumped straight up to give kisses to her new mum!

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by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 13 Feb 23:08

Reserved! Wonderful news for sweet Natalie. :)) Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Saturday 10 Feb 23:33

Our lovely Nat is finding it hard to settle with us at the moment. Think she is missing her previous kennels, and her trainer. She is a lovely girl, very gentle and affectionate, loves people. She is just not happy to be in her kennel. What she needs is a sofa with her name on it and someone to snuggle up to. Fingers crossed she won't have to wait too much longer. Xxx

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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 01 Feb 22:45

Nat arrived at Daybreaks this morning. What a sweet, happy little girl. :)) Xxx

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by RobT

Thursday 01 Feb 18:06

Stunning girl...!

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