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Press Up Challenge Fundaraiser 2024

Monday 01 Jul 2024

by RobT

Updated: Friday 05 Apr

Press Up Challenge Fundraiser 2024


Throughout July 2024 Rob (volunteer with Daybreaks) will be taking on the challenge of completing 2,000 press ups in a whole month!

Each day Rob will do between 65 - 80 press ups per day to meet the 2,000 mark.


Support Rob by sponsoring him via the following methods:


His Just Giving page:

Calling the kennels to pay via card over the phone

Popping to the kennels to pay by card or cash

Through PayPal



Remember to allow Gift Aid for ALL donations to Daybreaks
This allows us to collect a further 25% on top of your donation with no cost to the person donating

These press ups will also be taking place at various places of interest with photos and videos of them being done. These are to be confirmed in the meantime.
July 2024 has been decided for the challenge as it is Daybreaks' birthday so a massive joint celebration party will be held.


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by LadyVictoria

Thursday 11 Apr 22:27

Hi Rob, lovely photos of you and Daybreaks lad Basil. :)) Hope his new family realise they are adopting a celebrity! :) Wishing you lots of luck with your press up challenge. Xxx

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by RobT

Thursday 11 Apr 22:09

So we made it into the Solihull Observer...

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by RobT

Wednesday 17 Jan 20:41

More football stadium visits to come...

Stoke City FC - 26th February

Sheffield Wednesday FC & Rotherham FC - 27th February!

Really looking forward to going to these stadiums. They have all been extremely welcoming and I am really grateful of them for allowing me to their precious venues for my purposes.

I am slowly editing videos from previous site visits but they will be going into a bigger one after I have accomplised my goal!

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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 10 Jan 19:55

Sounds like you had a great time Rob. :)) Thanks so much for all your hard work and lots of press ups to raise funds for our wonderful Greyhounds! Xxx

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by RobT

Wednesday 10 Jan 15:10

So today myself and a friend went to West Bromwich Albion football club.

This was my first 'special' site to have photos taken of me doing press ups.

My gratitude goes to the staff at the club for being so welcoming to me, what I'm doing and who I'm doing it for.

Photos looked great in parts of the ground members of the public rarely see...

So watch this space for more info. Final video won't be for a while yet!

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by RobT

Wednesday 27 Dec 13:42

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a volunteer to come along on a day trip to help me film/take photos of me whilst doing press ups for my fundraising event for Daybreaks.

I need someone that is comfortable with a smart phone camera, may need to walk a couple of miles during the day from the car park and around site, happy to be out for most the day as the trips are a distance away. No need for a vehicle I can pick you up locally from Sheldon and drop you back. Just bring a packed lunch etc for food.

The following dates and cities are where I am going:
10th January – West Bromwich, Birmingham
25th February – Ipswich (to be confirmed)
26th – Stoke

I am visiting football stadiums in these areas for promotional material to help share my fundraising event.

If you would like to help please send me a email at


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by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 20 Dec 23:54

Sounds intriguing! :)) Xxx

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by RobT

Wednesday 20 Dec 22:55

I have been approached (not saying by who yet, its a serect) and been asked to answer these questions, I would be extremely grateful if some of you could provide me with some answer also to help me out:

Tell us about the challenge you are hoping to complete:

What sort of events have you done in the past?
Why do greyhounds make such good pets and why are so many in need of homes?
Do you have a greyhound yourself? (If yes, tell us a little about him/her!)

If you could email me with your answers, sooner rather than later if possible. or

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by RobT

Friday 01 Dec 13:30

I have successfully heard back from a number of football clubs that are happy to support myself and what I am doing for Daybreaks.

To help me, is there any photos that anyone has of their greyhounds or Daybreaks kennels or anything Daybreaks like? These photos will be used to put on a t-shirt for publicity.

Note: photos need to be of good quality and no more than 10mb in size. If there are any photos you have please send them directly to me by email at, do not post them to social media to me as files are shrunk in size and are unusable for printing.

The sooner the photos are sent the sooner I can create a great t-shirt for me to wear.

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by RobT

Saturday 25 Nov 17:06

In preparation for the publicity side of this event I have today contacted all 24 football teams that currently sit within the Championship League including my place of work Coventry City. I am hoping to hear back from clubs within the coming days to see if I am able to attend stadiums to have photos and videos taken of me (and someone else) doing said press ups. When, and if, I go to stadiums the press ups I do there are not counting towards the challenge as they won't be done in July, they are for publicity purposes.

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by RobT

Monday 20 Nov 02:46

Is there anybody that could point me in the right direction of a poster creator or someone that designs posters? This will be my main poster for this event.

I am also getting in touch with various venues in the coming weeks to visit as part of the challenge.

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