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Extra vigilance with Open Doors

by Paul


Can I ask that all Greyhound owners maintain extra vigilance when opening their front doors in these days where we seem to have almost continuous fireworks activity?  Many of our hounds are particularly anxious at this time of year and we all know that they can slip through a gap in the blink of an eye.

Can I also please ask that homcheckers particularly point out the need for awareness when opening exterior doors and the possibility of escape.  Even well-trained greyhounds can show very poor recall, and newbies, none at all.

Thank you all for your attention and understanding.


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by Bennysmom

Friday 12 Nov 08:56

I have child gates everywhere. I’ve picked them up cheaply on e.bay

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by Lewisfuggie

Wednesday 15 May 07:52

Please also check doors in the summer months when we tend to leave back doors open for fresh air..

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by tiggersmum

Tuesday 06 Nov 09:10

I have a childgate at the door to my hall in my little terraced house. I can answer the front door and know the dogs are safe in the lounge, get people in and only then open the childgate - like Linda says it becomes second nature and anything is worth keeping our dogs safe.

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by LindaPaul

Monday 05 Nov 10:36

Perfect timing for this reminder. Speaking personally vigilance has become a way of life, even though we pride ourselves on having well trained greyhounds (Lena was a member of the obreedience team at Crufts). Our house is such that we can shut the hounds in a room off the hall before opening the front door to let our visitors in or out and we also have an inner and and outer door so the dogs are shut behind the inner one at the very least when we open the front door to callers. It becomes second nature after a short time. Stay vigilant everyone and keep your furbabies safe and sound xx

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