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Organisations that directly support us

The following organisations have been kind enough to support Daybreaks Trust


We are extremely grateful to Burns for their support to Daybreaks Kennels.



Award-winning Burns pet food is the ideal choice for happy and healthy dogs. Developed by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns, it’s hypoallergenic, easy to digest and suitable for dogs of all life stages and breeds.

There’s a huge range to choose from including Weight Control+ to maintain a healthy weight, Sensitive+ for dogs with sensitive stomachs and the ever popular Chicken & Brown Rice



Fivelands.Com  - These are the vets we use at the kennels.  They are always there for us. And donate a prize in our grand raffle. 




Ahead of the Christmas period, when many dog and animal charities are struggling for both support and resource - with a rise in unwanted pets both prior to, and after, the holiday – Naturediet looked to provide as much additional support across the country as possible. December is also a critical time of year for wildlife charities, with many of our native wildlife suffering in the cold, especially hedgehogs who are not yet large enough to survive the winter.

Naturediet CEO says; “There are so many charities in the UK looking after abandoned dogs and animals, many of them small local charities who - unlike the large well known organisations - only have limited funds available. Therefore, we decided to help these charities; specifically those who do such a great job.”

Ahead of the New Year, Naturediet donated more than 70 tons of their range of natural dog food products, to dedicated and hard-working charities all across the country. Daybreaks Trust were delighted recipients of several pallets of quality food that will help our animals no end, so big thanks to Naturediet for their support!