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Dogs » Blossom

by FoxLin

Friday 15 Oct 18:50

Hang on in there lovely Blossom! We have two handsome lads who would love to meet you!

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by Shanesmum

Friday 15 Oct 17:12

It was a lovely Autumn day today with plenty of sunshine. Very quiet for visitors so we could catch up with health checks, teeth cleaning & of course the boys & girls enjoyed a lovely morning walk.

In contrast this afternoon was slightly nuts!!! Our 3 new arrivals all turned up at the same time, so there was a major flurry of activity to get them all admitted. Arrival checks & health check done, photo taken, bathed, kennel allocated and all accompanying paperwork completed & scanned - x3!!! Three black beauties Jim, Star & Joe - welcome to Daybreaks. Here's hoping they have a good first night and settle into the family soon.

As everyone was busy with the new arrivals, I took the other residents out into the sand run in turn for some playtime in the sun. Poor Joey & Tina, who are still on restricted exercise, had to make do with a walk around the run perimeter bless them.

It was lovely to see Ruth today, she is still not feeling great but is trying to do a bit at a time - we were on her case making sure she didn't overdo it!

Many thanks to Tina, Lorna & Trooper who took the lovely Bullet for a day out. They went to the brain injury charity Headway in Rubery and apparently Bullet was an absolute star! Tina will post an update on his page later. He really enjoyed his day out - and was definitely ready for his supper on his return! x

Don't forget tickets for the Halloween Howl are available from the kennels, if you cant pop in to collect we will happily post them out & take payment over the phone. Our lovely Daybreaks calendars & Christmas Cards (sorry to mention that word!!) will be on sale during the evening.

Well another weekend is here, and another Friday night raising of a wine glass to toast our new arrivals, our lovely existing residents and our foster doggies - may your forever home soon be with you.

Whatever you are up to this weekend, as always, stay safe! Cheers!

Angie xx

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Dogs » Tina

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 13 Oct 22:33

Not surprised Tina did well at the show, she really is a very pretty girl! Xxx

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Dogs » Stanley

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 13 Oct 22:31

Hoping Stanley had a lovely 13th Birthday! Great to see another beautiful Greyhound become a teenager. :))) Lots of love and a big cuddle! Xxx

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Dogs » Tina

by shanishoo

Wednesday 13 Oct 13:39

Well done Tina xxxxx

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Dogs » Tina

by Jess&Tilly

Wednesday 13 Oct 10:31

Tina joined myself last weekend to the Midlands dog show. She was a her usual happy self and you wouldn't know she had recently broken her shoulder! She met lots of people and lots of other dogs - including greyhounds and non greyhounds in which she greeted with enthusiasm.

She managed to gain herself a rosette in "prettiest bitch" in which she came 2nd place :) xx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 12 Oct 22:21

It was a quiet day for visitors today so we were able to catch up on a few jobs. Yvonne was busy sorting donated bedding while Richard made lots of noise fixing the roof again. :)) It doesn't help that we get more heavy, torrential rain than we used to. :( Thanks Richard. Xxx He and Declan also helped Bob out with some things he needed doing. Xxx

It was good to see Ruth back today. :)) Although not feeling great, she and Jean did a good job of sorting out the trackers. Xxx

Norman and Blossom had a nice trip to park this morning. Blossom is a real bundle of fun and so very affectionate. Thanks so much for taking her Norman. Xxx

The other dogs enjoyed their morning and afternoon walks. Xxx

We are expecting another three new arrivals this week. :)

We are hoping new homes will soon come along for our current Daybreaks Greyhounds....every single dog is a special boy or girl just wanting someone to love and somewhere to call their home. Xxx


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Dogs » Blossom

by Stormin

Tuesday 12 Oct 13:06

Blossom paid her first visit to Elmdon park today after arriving at Daybreaks on Friday. Her trainer has said she is a friendly girl who is good with other greys but wasnt cat or small dog friendly. This proved to be true as she did get very excited by small dogs but appeared to be fine with the larger other breeds. Although keen on the lead she did not pull excessively.
She seems a mixture of very relaxed (as in the car and in her kennel) and very excitable as with the smaller dogs.
Blossom is very people friendly . Has a lovely inquisitive nature and I'm sure will be a wonderful addition to her future home

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Dogs » Billy

by LadyVictoria

Monday 11 Oct 23:21

Well done Billy :)) You can't beat a tasty Custard Cream! Xxx

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Dogs » Billy

by RosieP

Monday 11 Oct 22:52

Hope, Snip and Rigsby would like to thank Billy for coming to stay for a while as they have been (finally) introduced to the wonderful tastiness of custard creams. They also want to know why their mum and dad haven’t provided them with this joy before this when they have lived with them for up to 9 years. Disgraceful owner behaviour :(

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