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Dogs » Wendy

by marbury

Saturday 05 Dec 01:21

A quick update on the beautiful Wendy! We finally moved into our 'own' house mid September - considering she has had 2 moves in a very short space of time she has taken it all in her stride. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone since her adoption in Sept 2019. Her character really shines through now - a loving dog who just wants to give so much and expects very little in return. She is always smiling and loves following her 'sister' Jinky around all the time. She continues to love spending time curled up on the bed and sleeps solidly throughout the night. A real poppet who has brought so much delight and happiness! I can't imagine life without her!

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Friday 04 Dec 22:30

I was flying solo first thing this morning, my sidekick Dave was feeling unwell so he and Maisie Moo stayed home in the warm. Hopefully he will be feeling better very soon. Thanks to Chris and greyhound Molly for coming in and keeping me company. ASBO Arry and Sarah Scare Bear also came with me and enjoyed pottering around the kennels.

Angie and Mike delivered the auction items all ready to be collected, many thanks to them for their hard work organising the event and what an amazing amount was raised. X

The highlight of the day was the rehoming of Eagle now called Loki, his foster pawrents have become members of our now famous failed foster club (I am a two time ffp member myself)!!

It was so very cold again, winter is well and truly with us now. The weekend brings us another this space and also the photo shoot on Sunday, all in all a busy weekend.

Hoping Ruth is starting to feel better, and as always stay safe and well everyone.xx

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Dogs » Kiara

by LM

Friday 04 Dec 20:57

Fantastic news. Well done. x

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Dogs » Penny

by LM

Friday 04 Dec 20:56

This is fantastic news. I'm so happy for you gorgeous girl. x

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Dogs » Scooby

by NickandMif

Friday 04 Dec 20:06

Scooby’s packing his bags and getting ready for adoption day tomorrow. What a lovely hound he is.

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Dogs » Loki (Eagle)

by shanishoo

Friday 04 Dec 19:03

Aw, great rehoming photo, be happy Loki xxxxxx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 03 Dec 23:25

Despite the yucky weather we had a great day! Both Penny and Kiara have been reserved! :)) Rosie very kindly brought the girls in to meet their prospective new families. Collecting Penny from Ruth who is still not feeling great. Hopefully seeing the girls reserved will have cheered her up! :))) Penny again enjoyed being at the kennels...she really does like Rich Tea biscuits! :)) Kiara was a little nervous but so much better than when she first arrived at the kennels. Being with Rosie, Paul and their three lovely Greyhounds has helped her tremendously. :))

Rosie and I were Ruth's Christmas Elves this afternoon, trying to pack up Calendars, treats etc to send out as she isn't well. So nice to see so many people have treated themselves to a lovely Greyhound Calendar. :)

Many thanks as ever to Shirley, Richard and Declan for their help and to Alan who brought in marshmallows and chocolate brownies! His little girl Belle and Penny got on great together and made excellent partners in crime when it came to treat raiding!

Sending lots of love and Get Well wishes to Ruth tonight. Xxx


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Dogs » Kiara

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 03 Dec 23:02

So happy for Kiara! She is going to live with a very handsome boy Greyhound. He was really happy to meet her. :) Xxx

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Dogs » Celia Jannah

by Jeffrey

Thursday 03 Dec 22:35

So can someone give me a bit of advice on what to do with the most confident dog on the planet who's also the most nervous dog in the universe ,its taken me 11 months to realise this fact

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Dogs » Penny

by LadyVictoria

Thursday 03 Dec 22:24

So happy for Penny! Her new family are lovely. :)) Xxx

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