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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by DaybreaksRuth

Thursday 25 Feb 10:17

Yesterday Kate and I took Skip and Tony to be part of a funeral procession as requested by the bereaved family. Tony and Skip looked so elegant walking in front of the horse drawn funeral carriage that it was quite emotional.

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Dogs » Elsie

by LadyVictoria

Wednesday 24 Feb 22:25

Beautiful photos of Elsie! Xxx Reserved already...Xxx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Wednesday 24 Feb 20:39

We met new arrivals Elsie and Locky this morning, both lovely. Elsie had a viewing and was reserved. Locky is such a happy friendly lad who just wants to give kisses and play!

Thanks to our Wednesday walkers and also to Denise and Dave as always. All dogs had morning walks. This afternoon Chris arrived so all dogs apart from Ritchie had a walk. I took him into the sand run, bless him, he just walked by my side or just behind me. He really craves human company, he needs a home where he will have that company for most of the time. Please, please if you could offer him a forever home or a temporary foster home he and we would be most grateful. He really is not happy with kennel life, once someone sits with him he is a happy relaxed boy, it's really heartbreaking to see him so unhappy :((((

We have two new arrivals due to come in tomorrow, can't wait to meet them on Friday.

Well, as always please stay safe and well. X

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Dogs » Elsie

by shanishoo

Wednesday 24 Feb 12:12

Not at all surprised to see this young lady is already reserved, she is beautiful, well done popper xxxxxx

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Dogs » Elsie

by Shanesmum

Wednesday 24 Feb 11:14

Goodness me Elsie - did you even get your case unpacked?!?!?! Well done gorgeous. x

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Dogs » Betty

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 23 Feb 22:59

It was great to see her Betty officially adopted today. She and her new Greyhound sister make such a lovely pair, both very happy and absolutely adorable! Wishing them lots of great adventures together. :))

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Dogs » Magoo

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 23 Feb 22:48

So happy for Mr Magoo! He has a wonderful new home to go to. :) Xxx

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Dogs » Locky

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 23 Feb 22:47

A cuddle for gorgeous Locky! He is very tall lad and very strong. He is very affectionate and does like to lean. :)) Xxx

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Dogs » Elsie

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 23 Feb 22:41

Elsie arrived at the kennels this morning. She is a very sweet, pretty girl. Xxx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by jetlucy

Tuesday 23 Feb 22:21

Jet said he's willing to volunteer to teach these hounds how to be cat friendly as life is cool with cats...they're his best buddies! Oh and Rachel the chicken who he willingly let's take a treat bone out of his mouth...sure sometimes he doesn't realise he's a dog! Xxx

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