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  • 3oct
    CANCELLED. Melbicks Garden Centre near Coleshillmore map
  • 4oct
    CANCELLED... Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020more map
  • 4oct
    CANCELLED. Melbicks Garden Centre near Coleshillmore map
  • 10oct
    CANCELLED. Melbicks Garden Centre near Coleshillmore map
  • 17oct
    Stratford Upon Avon Race Course Collectionmore map
  • 14nov
    CANCELLED. . Kingfisher Centre Redditchmore map
  • 21nov
    CANCELLED.. Mell Square Roadshow and Street Collectionmore map
  • 10oct
    2021...The Retired Greyhound Showmore
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Dogs » Barney

by RussBouquet

Wednesday 23 Sep 08:29

Would have been Barney’s 8th birthday today... still miss him and his cheeky personality. We think about him everyday. Such a special lad. Happy Heavenly Birthday Barney Xx

Dogs » Florence (Westy)

by Stevie,Sarah,Willow&Max'smom

Wednesday 23 Sep 07:43

Hope you had a lovely 4th gotcha day Florence. LOVE Jo and the furry five x

Dogs » Florence (Westy)

by shanishoo

Wednesday 23 Sep 06:48

A belated Happy 4th gotcha day Florence, I hope you had super day xxxxxxx

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Dogs » Raven

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 22 Sep 23:44

Raven has gone home with Denise again this evening. I understand she had a good night last night and coped with going up and down the stairs. :) Xxx

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Dogs » Molly

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 22 Sep 23:41

Lovely little Molly went out for morning and afternoon walks today. She quite happily trotted off with Diane this morning. She is very timid but very affectionate. She has the most beautiful eyes. Xxx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 22 Sep 23:37

Another beautiful day...according to the BBC weather app the last nice day for a while. :( We made the most of it. The dogs all enjoyed their walks and then sat in the runs for a while until it got too warm!

We had a Stefi a previous Daybreaks resident stay with us for the afternoon. Very sadly his owner's husband passed away recently. We looked after Stefi while his family attended the funeral. Stefi is such a lovely friendly lad. He was quite anxious to be away from his home; many thanks to Helen who spent most of the afternoon sitting with him and keeping him company. He was so very happy when his Mom came to collect him. Thinking of all the family at this sad time. Xxx

Thanks so much to everyone for their help today. Xxx

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Dogs » Florence (Westy)

by LadyVictoria

Tuesday 22 Sep 23:15

Dear Florence, wishing you a very happy 4th Gotcha Day! Can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I remember the telephone call from your Mom; she told me she was sure your were the girl for her! :) Enjoy being the owner of the sofa!! Lots of love Kate Xxx

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Dogs » Florence (Westy)

by Thethirdronnie

Tuesday 22 Sep 20:55

It’s my 4th Gotcha Day, mom and TC say they love me very much and I love them. I got a new cushion that lets everyone know the sofa belongs to ME! and a new fluffy bunny. Mom says thank you to Daybreaks for making us a family! Xxx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by DaybreaksRuth

Tuesday 22 Sep 08:13


I am so incredibly grateful to everybody that has kindly donated general items for us to sell in the onsite shop at the kennels.

However, space is at an absolute premium now, as we have had to accommodate the contents of our Swan offices since having to move out from them in July. With the continuing Covid-19 restrictions meaning we cannot have regular fundraising events, and the footfall through the kennels being greatly reduced, we find ourselves completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of general items and I have made the hard decision to suspend donations for a short while to enable us to sort through what we already have and make sure the Honesty Box and its annexe are well stocked with good saleable items. It will also give us the opportunity to research and source alternative outlets to help us raise the vital funds we need.

During this difficult time for us all, I would like to thank everyone for
their understanding and continuing support – we are looking forward to a time when things have eased and have returned to “normal” and we will then be grateful for all donations as we kickstart our face to face fundraising again and are in a position to invite you all back to Daybreaks.

Thankyou once again, and please keep an eye on the website for updates and an announcement of when we will be in a position to start accepting items again. I am truly grateful - Ruth xx

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Dogs » 2020 Daybreaks ...

by LadyVictoria

Monday 21 Sep 23:18

Skip had the holiday blues today. He came to the kennels with me but was very unsettled and out of sorts. Think he would rather have been back at the beach! Lyra didnt want to come at all!! They love going away and doing something different just the same as we do. :) Xx

It was great to see Ruth this morning looking much better :) She has bought a lovely wooden cart for all the natural treats we stock at the kennels. It is outside of the office which makes it much easier for visitors to make purchases and abide by the social distancing rules that are required at present. :)

Brilliant to hear the on-line auction has gone so well. I spoke to a lovely lady this afternoon who had spent more than she intended to but enjoyed herself! :)) x


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