Care Pages

A greyhound in your home

Owning a dog should be fun for all of you, not just when playing in the garden, but also during training. Our care pages cover many aspects of ideas and thoughts which have helped hundreds of new owners through the first few weeks.

Take time to read them and go back to them in the future for reference.

These care pages are in no way meant to be a substitute for veterinary advice, they are merely a guide. If you are unsure of anything to do with your dogs wellbeing you should seek veterinary advice immediately.

Your greyhound will come with a collar and lead, will be neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, microchipped and will come with 4 weeks free insurance. House collars, coats and various other items of merchandise are available to buy at the kennels.

It is legal requirement that your dog must wear an identity tag at all times. We advise your dog to have a 'house collar' which is a fabric collar on which the ID tag will be attached to (these are available to buy from the kennels). Due to your greyhound's thin coat of fur, a soft collar prevents the fur from being rubbed away from continuous wear unlike a leather collar.  Again, we can assist with this by ordering from the kennels to ensure it complies with the current legislation.

We all know that greyhounds are quite lazy!   Most are happy with a couple of 20 minute walks a day.   Some greyhounds need more and some need less.  A walk is a great time to encourage toileting, socialisation and mental stimulation.

Greyhounds can clearly see up to 1/2 a mile and run from 0-40mph in about 3 seconds. Therefore, when taking your greyhound out for a walk, ensure their collar is on securely so your dog cannot slip out of it. The Greyhound collar we have given you is shaped so they are moulded around the neck for comfort. It should be positioned up behind the ears (the thinnest part of the neck) and fastened to a tightness so you can only get two fingers under the collar once it is on. We do not initially recommend extendable leads.

You have been given a history of your Greyhound vaccination, worming and flea treatments; keep a note of when these need to be done.

Register your new dog with a local vet.